For Windows 10 Why Paragon HFS+ for reg & Windows;? Exchanges files in a higher rate than HFS file-system that is native efficiency Highly secure even though transferring large media files between systems Works properly with any kind of hard drive (Hardware, FireWire, ESATA, SATA or IDE) The sole solution with complete access to HFS+ surfaces on devices of any sort (GPT, MBR) Complete compatibility with Boot Camp people Absolutely supports any present version of Windows (10, 8 / 8.1, 7, Vista, XP; 2003, 2008 and 2012 R2 Host) Customer spotlights " it worked perfect and the newest application tried on my MacBook Pro that goes equally Mac OS and Windows. Because of Paragon Application for a solution! that is fantastic " & mdash Watson "allinall, it is a must have piece of software for those who wish to utilize Windows on Mac equipment. It is especial great for those who need to mount Windows on the Mac applying Boot-Camp. For those who have been managing Windows on the Mac or are plan on doing so, it’s absolutely worth it. " – Dong Ngo, "thankyou Paragon! I must say I needed this! So & ldquo;dim ages never to have any such thing accessible I didn’t know in advance that it existed, it seems. Thanks again.

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" & mdash Sanders Features & program requirements Entire entry to HFS+/HFSX surfaces (read and write) Unparalleled high HFS functionality and stability Automounting and management via ” Management ” unit Complete compatibility with Boot Camp owners Support for journaling Unified Specialist for 32 and 64 Bit systems Files and file with. whilst the first symbol of file-name are found as invisible Hardware 3.0 prepared Memory: 128 MB of Memory expected (256 MB or greater advised) Processor: Intel Pentium or suitable, 233MHz or more processor Diskspace: 10 Mb for your software installation Protected operating systems Windows 10 (32/64 Bit) Windows 8 / 8.1 (32/64 Bit) Windows-7 (32/64 Bit) Windows Vista (32/64 Bit) Windows XP (32/64 Bit) Windows 2008 server (32/64 Bit) Windows 2003 machine (32/64 Bit) Windows Machine 2012 (32/64 Bit) Windows Server 2012 R2 (32/64 Bit) Protected file systems HFS Plus PC: more or appropriate, 233MHz processor or Intel Pentium HFSX Drives that are hard that are reinforced and removable media Parallel ATA (IDE) HDD ATA (SATA) HDD SCSI HDD USB 1.x/ IEEE and 2.0 (FireWire) gadgets USB 3.0 products MBR and GPT drives